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Crush on this person

I have a huge crush on this person and they are really funny and a such an adorable dork. I don’t know if they like me back, but I keep trying to flirt with them but I’m bad at social skills so I don’t know if they can tell. I feel like they’re flirting with me but I can’t tell if they’re just being really friendly. I did kiss them at a Pizza Hut once, but that was only to make my friends mad (long story no one was mad mad). I have texted them the most during quarantine which is a lot bigger than it seems because I never text anyone ever. I don’t know what to do either because I’ve only really dated one person before and that was my best friend and it lasted two weeks before they dumped me over text. I really wanna date them but I’m also scared to date anyone because I don’t know what to do in a relationship. It’s just all so frustrating

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Re: Crush on this person

i get you!! relationships can be hard af, but if it’s with the right person, it will be a whole lot easier. it sounds like they are really into you. just go for it, and ask them out. i know it’s easier said then done, but i believe in you. also, social anxiety is something i struggle with on the daily. i thought my current boyfriend of 5 months would never like me, but to my surprise, he asked me out! don’t let that stop you from being happy. just ask them out, it will be worth it. i’m cheering you on!!