Crushing Hopes

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Listen to me,

looking back at the past two years of my life (btw I am 24), I have been struggling to find my passion, now I have gotten my computer engineering degree,I have suffered to find where my passion and focus lies, and still is, learning tons of things in one year span to get a job, its tiring, they (meaning friends and family) have been annoying me with the " did you find a job? still? poor you, how can you work with engineering degree?? that degree is meant for men and what not " .....the thing is ....haha Every single company I have applied to, seems to have the same mentality... men only...one employer was like " you know it is a difficult job to be a software engineer when you are a woman, right ? soon you will get married and have children it's gonna be hard " I was like" first of all, I am not married and wont be anytime soon. So Give me a chance to proof myself and I can learn whatever you want me to know"... but of course they didn't...I never received that call..

It's not fair at all, I am welling to work under the shitty circumstance our shitty economy is goes through, yet you reject the youth....guess what main goal is gaining experience and to actually survive too? why would do you do such a thing and crush every hope one can have ?


I am regretting my life...I have been surviving through out uni to end up surviving in the real world too....a proper job is what I am asking for..to feel stable and secure myself but no .