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I've been crying so much these days.. I don't know why... As soon as night falls I start to breakdown.. I feel like I have no one for me.. No one understands me or may I can't make them understand me..this feeling is hurting so bad I want to get out of it....................................and here I am really depressed right now while this website needs minimum 300 words to publish like I can't think of other words it's not an essay I am sharing my feelings how can I make 300 characters feelings while all I am feeling is sadness..

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Re: Crying

Let it all out..I feel so much better after crying my eyes out..I'm sorry that I cant say anything useful to help you but I'm also feeling the same way...Listen to your favourite songs,drink a coffee or do anything that u thinks makes YOU happy...

I hope that u will have a good day tomorrow!!

P.s-it is really annoying to write 300 words like c'mon this is not school to write essays🙄