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Cursed 2020

This is not something specifically happening to me. But all this, that is been happening in 2020 is ruining my mental health. I am at the most vulnerable state of mine.

When the nationwide lockdown was announced, i was a bit relaxed. I would have enough time to do things, i couldn't before.

And i actually worked on myself. Getting out of overthinking, negative self talk etc. All these self care practices worked to much extent.

Then i found a platform to put forth myself without getting insecure about anything. I was quite ok with everything then.

But then i started hearing about suicides by many people in fame. Then getting to know more about there personal life, professional life and their mental health.

It takes me a lot of time to get over someone i lost who might have meant to me a lot, or might have been a part of my life somewhere. And all these incidences happening one after other have made me so weak again. All those efforts that i put on myself are all waste now. Everything went in vain. I hate these insecurities.