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Cursed maybe...

ever wondered what if you had a super cool ability like reading mind or telepathy. it would be cool right but what you have something that i would call a "curse". I kind of an ability to see future i know it's total bullshit but it's true and it's that i see good things i can see bad things happening. i don't know when all this started to happen or how... i was so concerned that i told my parents that dreams i saw were coming true(btw i can rarely remember any dream except for these) and i think they see me as weird psycho but in a friendly way. the dream which i consider the first one is about my father sitting in a pitch black room with a single bulb over him, i slowly approach him calling his name and suddenly he falls injuring himself badly. At first i thought this was just a bad dream but a week i heard that he fell breaking his rib cage needing an operation. just like these i was saw my nana died, 2 religious based riots occurring, people getting injured and all. all of them have at some point of time become true. My cousin was supposed to have his wedding this and almost everything was prepared but i had a dream that it's not gonna happen, even joked about this to my brother and unfortunately it didn't happen. The point of writing this is because I'm scared of 2020 and to add more fun i had a lot of bad dreams lately i don't if I'm over reacting/worrying i don't want it to happen coz it include death of my loved ones (even one of them is in hospital tested positive for covid-19 and has a immunity of a baby) and i wanted to remove the knowledge of having this "curse". i don't know how writing to some strangers help but i hope it does some or the other way..