Cutting in class

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I’ve been feeling like shit, I’ve been stressed over exams, overthinking a lot, and recently got a Broken heart By someone I thought who loved me, I guess not...a few months ago I remember in class, I felt empty and just thought of cutting so I took a sharp end of a mechanical pencil and attempted to cut my arm, then I tried using a metal ruler and both didn’t work, I thought of using my cutter but then i thought it would look weird and my friends would get suspicious, so I just left it like that, a few minutes later I went to the bathroom and went to check in them, they were just red but not bleeding. Another instance was when I thought of taking pills or just any medicine I can find and overdose on it, I wished I would never wake up anymore, that whole day was shit for me, there was that time where I took a cutter and cut my wrists in front of my friends, they were shocked at first and they told me to stop, one of them forcefully took it out of my hand.