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Cyber stalked my ex’s new gf

I have this ex partner that I wish still loved me or at least acknowledged what we had. I lost it when we split and followed the new girl on social media. She figured out who I was told me I was pathetic and should stop embarrassing myself and said I was his mistake. I would have done anything for this man. He never really wanted me. I set up a fake account on a dating site to get his attn, he chatted with that profile for a month said I was whacked and that his current gf wasn’t a serious relationship. I’m still hurt and it’s been awhile. I wish I could understand why no one ever wants to be with me, I’m too fat, not pretty enough, too emotional, I’m always the friend, never good enough I’m just tired.

She is a few years older, thinner, prettier and more into her appearance. He told me she was hot but I knew he was seeing someone else when he met her. They’ve broken up several times over the last year. I hope he hurts her