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I have a cousin who is really over confident and shows off his talents a lot and my dad wants me, a quiet, average girl to be like him and nags me a bit too much...

I have no idea what I'm going to do in my life and that scares me, and my dad wants me to become a singer when I have no interest in it. He thinks I'm not capable of anything but singing and tells me that if I won't do as he says, he will marry me off to a guy who'll "decipline" me.

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Re: Dad

that is so old fashioned way of thinking. Voice out your feelings even though it will hurt him atleast he knows your true feelings. I shout at my dad before telling him i didnt want to get married with his friend son who is so religious because i am a loud wild girl we are not compatible . And I ran away from home, when i came back , he said sorry and our rs has been diff its better now. so dont be Afraid 💓

hey i dont know who you are, but destiny made me see your article. you are so much more than what your father thinks. you are filled with talents and passion. voice out your interests to him. it can be hard to do so, but put a full stop now or youll regret not taking action faster. explain to him what your talents are and show him how gifted you. i beleive in you and i love you. you matter to me and your family. go flaunt them talents girlll. :) love SD