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My dad is annoying as fuck. That's how I will summarize him. He complains about everything and anything. Especially when he's trying to "work" on anything. He thinks he can fix everything because he "saw it on YouTube" but he just "doesn't have the time" to fix whatever is broken or should be worked on... I get it. I learn things from YouTube as well. But I usually try to apply what I learned right away, or as soon as possible. But no. My dad will watch it before he's even planned anything out. The main reason I'm writing this is because recently, all of our cars have been acting up. My mom's car needs its brakes replaced. My car needed attention because of coolant leaking. His truck doesn't even turn on. He KNOWS the problems of each car. He'll say "Yeah, this is the problem" and then just leave it at that. He later then expects us to order parts after he's only told us that there is indeed a problem with the car. Like no shit there's a fucking problem. We've been telling you, sometimes for months... Anyway, other than him acknowledging the issues, he complains that he doesn't have time to do anything because he's always working. He chooses to work 7 days a week basically... He doesn't make much, but he chooses to work 7 days a week and complain about it. Then when he gets home from work, all I've seen him do is either sleep, just be on his phone, or go to a friend's house and come back at like 3 AM. If his friends have any issues, he's there. He doesn't think about it. He grabs his keys and goes. But when his own god damn family has any issues, it's because we "don't know how to take care of things" or we "didn't learn how to fix the problem when he worked on it the first time". It's just fucking bullshit. No one wants to "help" him because all there is to him "teaching" us is we just stand there doing fucking nothing but grabbing him water or giving him a towel to fucking wipe his face because he's got oil on his hands while working on a car... Like fucking grow up. You're gonna get dirty working on a car. My parents argue about how my dad behaves all the time. It's always because we "blame" my dad for everything and we don't "help" him. We try. He's just never satisfied whether we help him or not. I've tried to be patient with all of this but I'm sick of it. When I get my own car (currently sharing with my brother), I'm learning how to do things without him. General maintenance like changing oil, learning how my car should be working, changing my own tires, just things I would possibly have to do and can do at the house. With my current car, I just brought it to a garage to get the coolant leak checked. I was sick of him asking "Did you have to fill it up again?" "Shit, I didn't check where the leak is when the car has just been used!" blah blah blah. More bullshit from him when I just bring it to the garage. I'm done with him honestly. He was complaining about the receipt I showed him since he asked about the issue again and he was like "Oh man, I could have done this myself!" WELL WHY WOULD I FUCKING WAIT FOR HIS LAZY ASS TO "WORK" ON THE CAR WHEN HE'S JUST GONNA COMPLAIN, WAIT FOR A PART, AND WASTE MY FUCKING TIME AND PATIENCE WHEN BRINGING IT TO THE GARAGE IS LITERALLY LESS STRESS FOR ME BECAUSE HIS SORRY ASS OF A FATHER DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO FUCKING BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING. UGH I'm just really frustrated with how he behaves. It's not just this event that's happened. There's so much more. But this was just my breaking point. I cannot wait till I am with my guy in person who can help me and is willing to actually teach me about working on cars. I can't wait till I get my own car and fucking prove to him that I can be a fucking better "man of the house" than him because I don't fucking complain about everyone in the family "not helping" or "not wanting to help". Fucking bullshit. If he learned how to fucking communicate properly without complaining, maybe he can fucking get a better job and a better fucking family who is willing to help him with things...