Dad loves me half as much as a dog

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My dad and I aren’t as close as I’d like us to be because of my mom’s BPD (borderline personality disorder) and his probably complementary autism spectrum. Still, he was a good dad growing up and we have nice conversations when my mom will allow it. So I called him today for Father’s Day on speakerphone with my 10 year child. He brought up their elderly dog, and said to both of us, “I can’t imagine ever loving anything half as much as I love that dog.” Pause for a moment there…. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for saying that in the moment, but he never caught it or corrected himself. I’ve been in therapy regarding my relationship with my mom, but I’m starting to wonder about this relationship now too. Can you imagine telling your child and grandchild that you love them less than half as much as a pet?? So I guess I’m just feeling a little bummed this Father’s Day. My mom and I didn’t communicate at all on Mother’s Day, and I was ok with that based on counseling, but this threw me for a loop. Thanks for reading.