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hellu people!!!

i'm just here to voice out my thoughts because i think im kinda stuck!!

so, i mentioned prev that i was in contact with this guy and he's really sweet towards me,really trying to know me.

But the issue here now is that I've just gotten out of a toxic relationship and im rlly afraid that he would do the same to me and i know i shouldn't be thinking this way. now don't get me wrong, i'm over my toxic ex but it's just that im afraid history would repeat itself.

And that eventually he would choose career and studies over me, just like what my ex did except he used that as an excuse to wanting to fk around.

but the point is, im afraid one day he would say that he wants to focus on his career and leave me like what my ex did and im so tired of being in a one-sided relationship.

just hoping that everything will turn out fine if we rlly do get together.

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