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Dark fantasies

i Need to get this out of my head. So I

want to start off by saying I love my

girlfriend with all my heart. I will marry this

girl because she makes me so happy. We

have had some trouble sexually though

and that is a huge cause for concern for

me. I’ve been patient and have always

tried to never make her uncomfortable but

it’s been almost 4 years and we’ve only

had “sex” probably 6 times..if you could

call it sex. I don’t blame her but it’s


lately I’ve been exploring some more

sexual chats and have been developing a

kink. I low key think I’m bi. I have a huge

thing for trans women or “shemales.” I

have so many fantasies of meeting up with

one and just doing whatever my heart

desires. I love the thought of being the one

receiving. I want to just be a complete sub

and be dominated. I never had these

thoughts before but the lack of actual sex

and out physical relationship being

majority one sided had pushed me this

way. I can’t express enough how much my

girl means to me and I would never do

anything like I just described... but these

fantasies are increasingly intrusive.