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Dark hole

I was with a guy for 10 years meet him in high school , eventually we out grew each other and we grew apart and got really comfortable I started to feel unhappy after me and him broke it off I went straight to a dark hole and I felt like I couldn’t breath and question myself if I could of done anything to fix it .. it got so dark I couldn’t run to anyone at the time I just recently got promoted at my job , my boss at the time was having training classes out of state so by training it would go through text.. little by little our conversation were daily about work nothing more nothing less until one day he came back I told him how I felt about my relationship and how I felt how horrible I was doing my job we always been really good co workers but nothing more and that is when things got a little rocky he wanted to know everything about me until he had confront in me to text me outside of work that had nothing to do with work.. i was such in a dark hole I felt like it was okay when I’m all reality it wasn’t because he was also married.. and I believe he took advantage of a broken soul and he was going through things at his home it lead to more .. Eventually it ended because he got caught I’m not saying It wasn’t my fault but also it takes two . He took advantage of someone going through a rough patch thinking hell why not she is already doesn’t care why not fuck her mental health even more

as a Women I lost all respect for myself I feel shitty because no one deserves to go through it especially when a person is married ..

i know karma is coming towards me.. and I deserve everything that is coming to me.

what did you expect you’re boss was doing his job by listening to you! But little did you know didn’t have the respect to think just because I’m broken he can come and destroy someone mental health ..

this happen 8 years ago and unfortunately it’s a hard topic to talk about to anyone because at the end I’m the bad person sooo thank god to Anonymous ...