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Loneliness and depression, are not fun at the best of times, you can be surrounded by 100 people and feel like you are at the bottom of the deepest darkest pit. I was in a happy relationship for 4 years with the woman I thought I was going to be with forever, then, a text, It was over. I had suspicions she had been texting a guy from work who she had always told me was her type and since she went into no contact 2 months have passed and he has replaced me in her life, he seems to be the perfect guy. They had been messaging behind my back for months. I'm left with my own thoughts and a phone that never makes a noise unless it's an email from someone trying to scam me. I spend this time thinking about what I did wrong and how I allowed myself to fall so deeply in love with someone that can treat me this way, how can I ever trust another human again. I have no friends, I know people but not anybody that would reach out to me or invite me anywhere, I'm always the after thought. My ex will go on to be happy and I will have to live with the thoughts of them laughing and joking and doing all the things we did together. I don't know how I move on from this, I look to the future and all I can see is darkness.