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i'm struggling with this decision myself and if anyone could give me some advice, i'd really appreciate it. there's this guy i know who i've been crushing on for a while now, and he's felt the same. we felt this way for each other before my best friend came into the picture, my best friend ended up asking him out and they started dating behind my back, they both wanted to keep it a secret from me in fear that they'd lose me if i ever found out, they ended up breaking up last month since the guy told me about their relationship with screenshots and all, ever since their breakup my best friend has been spacing herself from the internet to fix her mindset about everything. a couple months after that i began to get the bond back with the guy, he wants to date me and i can tell it's genuine affection based on his behavior and all the shit i hear from other people. i love him just as much but i feel as if it's against my morals to date my best friend's ex, not to mention he isn't that great of a person either. but besides those negatives, he's the only guy i wanna be with, i really wanna dedicate all my love to him but i can't help but feel it's the wrong thing to do. is this wrong? should i toss my feelings aside and force myself to move on? should i go through with it just for the experience? what should i do?

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