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I’ve been with a guy on and off for three years, he doesn’t want a relationship and we’ve never said I Love you. We don’t go on dates cause he he doesn’t like it. I’ll ask him to do stuff with me like go for a walk or somethings and it’s always an excuse. I’ve told him how I felt and that I wanted a relationship and that I want to fall in love since I’ve never been. Every time we end things I start getting gifts at my door and some how he railed me back in to literally be going through the same thing again. He such a nice guy and when I was going through a financial tough time he even gave me money. When we order food never really let’s me pay for it. Has helped me fix stuff around my apartment. When I was in an abusive relationship he came to my recuse. I care for him deeply but for some reason I feel I’m being used

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