DC/Maryland area is the worst

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There are no perks to living here. None, yet its super expensive cost of living because of the job market. There is nothing interesting to do here, no interesting communities, no beach or mountains, no local culture or identity...the weather sucks. You get the same freezing winter that new york gets while also getting the same humid summer as florida. Its disgusting, only here they cant ever decide if they know how to treat snow properly. One year they'll be great at treating snow, the next year they'll be shitty at cleaning the snow. They cant decide if they are part of the north or not. People are urban and rude, snarky and stuck up but also basic as fuck and live a hillbilly lifestyle. The only place where its nice to live is northwest DC but even that is not worth the price. Its so black here, so many black people while also most white people are ignorant toilet cleaning trumpers or snotty, think tank, ivy league assholes. The worst combination of people. The worst combination of weather. If you want to experience anything genuine you have to take the bus to Manhattan and even there is dying even before covid happened.