Dead life

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So fucking tired of being the one to always reach out first by calling my best friend but then being ignored every time I do. She hates video calls but she's so bad at texting. Alread told her once that she should let me know if she's busy and can't talk instead of not doing anything when she sees my missed call. Don't want to tell her again. I want to have a mature conversation about this but I feel like I'll either laugh it off or release my anger and neither of those are good options. What the fuck man I'm so physically and mentally drained by everything that happens around me I don't even want to do anything anymore. I loved painting but I can't find the motivation to do that or anything else for that matter. Need to find a job because every damn human being needs to work to get money to eat to survive. But I'm so bloody tired I don't even want to get out of bed because it's the same day everyday. Fml