dear art school.

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it was a dream seeing my acceptance letter to it but it turned to be such a nightmare

it all started the day of the new school year meeting a lot of people getting to know new minds and wow it was amazing i saw a lot of colors a lot of creative minds i tried blending in and i did a great job i knew tons of great people i started going out exploring having fun knowing the world and then everything started being creepy no sleeping at night going out too early to finish the work i couldnt feedbacks that hurt you to death the nights i spent crying my eyes out , the people and the amount of hate they got in their hearts , no one would support you would tell you how good your work is , you would never ever ever get the chance to compliment others because it will hurt you , you are not allowed to date because its a waste of time you will just get hurt and it will affect your work in a bad way you cant trust people or become friends with them because its a school where people only become friends for their own benefits you cant tell people about your ambitions your dreams your future projects because you will only get real hurt by them or they will just use your own dream and just fuck you up , people will become friends with you and just use you to seperate you from your love or try hurting you and bringing you down , your teachers will try stopping you from having friends by telling you they won't help they are better then you you need to get your shit together but friends will ruin you .

and bunch of other things it really hurts , its stressful you get anxiety you stop eating or you eat a lot you cant skip a day or youll get a 0 and fail that class

thanks i'm already fucked thanks for ruining me i'm truly thankful art school

(a tear )