Dear Circus <3

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I probably spent the whole night reading stories or just thinking of some of my own. I truly adore this website as I believe to be a safe place. I like the circus. Why? Because I feel as if it’s the one true place that I could go to. If I were to run away it’d be to the circus.

Life can be described as a tight rope... you fall down and just have to get back up. But, you see there are times where the net is taken away. You can be injured and down, taken of all hope. That’s probably happened to everyone who takes the time to read small things like this. You’ve lost your safety net and so have I many times. So why get back up? Because, it in our nature to, I know that everyone is fully capable of getting back up. So, I’ll help you lay down your net as we try even harder to make it to the end.-MH <3

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