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Dear Departed

Dear Sis

You have been gone too long. A lot has changed since you passed away. I have gotten married, and have two kids. Even our younger brother is also married. He now has a baby girl too. All of us are so thrilled that we have a daughter again in our house. It has been over 1 and half decade. You would have loved our kids and our wives. Sometimes the kids talk about you. Ask questions about you. I love it when they do that.

I miss you most when I am hurting and feel alone. When I am going through some trouble in my work or family life. My heart aches to speak with you. I know I could have used your input in so many of these situations. Or even just talk it out and feel light. You were a great listener. I wish you were still here and we were planning trips together with the whole family. You would have had kids of your own too.

Life would have been so much more fulfilling to share these moments with you.

You would have loved to see mom. She is a different person now. She travels again and she sometimes travels alone too. She has started this small organisation with her friends in your memory. She teaches young under privileged girls some art and craft. She loves it. It is her way of keeping a connection with you. Where ever you are hope you feel that love.

Dad though, is not doing so great. I wonder if you were around would he have been different. You know he can shut everyone out. He is not very happy. But by his own doing. We try to do the best we can, but he is difficult to deal with.

Anyway, it feels like I am writing you an email. :) I hope to write more.

I know you will never get to read them, but I do hope you feel it in the current form your soul has taken.

Haha, I know you would have said that "you don't believe in that reincarnation stuff". I STILL DONT. But wish it to be true especially when it come so you. I don't want to believe that you ended with your last breath. You live on in our memory. And maybe you have taken birth again somewhere.

There is so much more I want to share. But will reserve it for my next letter/email.

Lots of love