dear father

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You gave me good memories that i like to sometimes look back at, but, you're a shitty person. I never really gave the time to really look and think back, because well, i thought it was normal like when you always disappeared after months, sometimes a year, and came back and showered me in money and took me shopping and i really did appreciate it but come on, you don't even know my sisters name. Cant forget when i saw you take drugs in front of me and was an alcoholic, who knows maybe you still are. I loved you when i was a child no matter how long you disappeared for and a tiny part of me still loves you because no matter what, you were still my father.

Apparently you didn't really really care for me when i was younger, you still don't.

it was hard for mum raising me up as a single mother and sometimes i loathe you for leaving her but overall i thank you because she wouldn't be with you and if it wasn't for her, i wouldn't be the woman i am today. Yes, there are moments where i cry out to you because it can be hard but i realise, i don't need you, i never had because i have a loving supportive family with me that will be by my side and who knows? maybe i would've turned out like a junkie like you. xoxo

fuck you little prick your such a fucking nonce i swear to god go suck a penis but no one would go near you, you dirty fucking skank you're such dimwit like god no personality no wonder you have no lasting relationships because you're such toilet licker elbow sucker snot asshole.

"Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened." - Dr Seuss

Fuck you father much love - K

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