Dear Gran

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First of all, I am so glad that I got to have you in my life. Also, I’m so sad that our paths parted and I wish I had done all I could have to prevent this and as such I am full of regret. You were the best Gran. I felt closest to you out of all my grans and I wish I could have continued to know you for all my life. I always felt a connection to you. You are my blood and I carry your blood in me. I am grateful I got to have you in my life, even if it wasn’t long enough. You were my most glamorous gran, beautiful with your dark hair. You were young and ‘funky’ in my eyes. I miss you so much. Over the years, you were never gone from my mind. Frequently I always searched for information and I found your address on the electoral role, but I never felt it was my place to reach out. I always felt unable to, because of mum, that I mustn’t disobey her wishes.