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Dear jade freeman

Jd freeman (lead singer of blend from Columbus Ohio) cheated on his wife jade freeman with her best friend Brooke. All of jade’s friends know but no one will tell her. Just thought you should know since you have 2 kids together. Sorry

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21 days ago

Re: Dear jade freeman

Hate to hear that man...Another casualty ,all too common on the live music scene. Spent ALOTTA nights giggin in good ole Cowtown, back when it was 4-5 nights/wk in the late 80s..Just wanted to ask if TJs in White Hall is still happenin? Yeah,the Holiday Inn Grove City was 6 nights/wk..One helluva hayday!!!..Ironically enough, OUR lead singer was busted in Chilicothe during our house band stay...Hate it for the kids :( Hope he reaps what he sews....