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Dear jork...

Hey jork! I know you'll never see this because you dont know about this website which is a good and bad thing my heres what i wanna tell you for years ive gave up shit for you to hurt me or leave me yeah ill admit im not an amazing person either ive hurt you But i keep making excuses for things you've done like Hey your dating me but decide to date my cousin While dating me? Wow totally wont leave me with scars Never even text me or give me your number but do other people? Be a bitch to me and date my girlfriend And dont even tell me that you left me or dating her? Make me self conscious about myself yeah your the one who did it Now i cant show my legs or arms without getting Scared and paranoid yeah you have problems To but I gave up my relationship with my mom for you She kept telling me you'd hurt me but no i always defended you and got hurt Oh stand up for you keep your secrets and get beat while you tell your mom everything about me and let her hate me also HIDE ME LIKE YOUR ASHAMED OF ME You've left me with scars and wounds that is always gonna be there ive known you since 1st goddamn grade my first friend i spent 6 years of my life worrying and loving you yeah you were my first crush the first person i let in Now I dont know Theres gonna be a part of me missing because you left me....i hope you well cade Good luck with 7th grade