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Dear New Wives and Girlfriends....listen up.

Your mans ex is truly not caring about you or him. This is a common occurence I have to address because so many women feel like the new prize and intentionally try to torment the ex with plentiful bouts of petty BS. If the ex looks better than you, you really show your ass lol. Ive lived this shyt. If kids are involved she is happy and living her life in peace and enjoying her kids and her newfound peace and freedom. Things may be hard, but she is making her way and she would rather do that than have it all with a D**K. In most cases over time shes enjoying new D*** too to boot....thats better than his. Shes not thinking about you or her ex. She is aware of who he is after the butterfly stage. You know, the stage where he is on his best behavior, buying you shit and kissing your familys ass lol. Youll find out hes a alcoholic soon, possibly a antisocial withdrawn sociopath and if you question him he will beat your ass and last but not least cheating is his right of passage. So ladies before you ASSume that your mans ex is crying in bed and jealous of you with an abundance of envy, try to figure out why she left his ass. It may do your mind, body and soul some good.