Dear teenagers

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my mother has always held high expectations for me. Yelling at me while I struggle through a math course that makes me the most frustrated and depressed I’ve ever been Because she’s always wanted me to be an engineer.

let me just say, though my mother frustrates me, she is the STRONGEST woman I know. I look up to my mother in every way. All I want to do is please her.

With my grandmother and uncle passing on my mother’s side, I have never witnessed my mother go through such turmoil. Curled up on the couch, calling doctors and researching medicines to fight covid. Seeing the strongest woman in my life at such a low point, hit hard. My great uncle told me to take care of her, and I will.

My fellow teens, our parents love us. My mom forcing me towards engineering, was frustrating. But I took her input into consideration, and realized that she loves me. We are by no means a “lovey dovey” family. My mom shows me that she loves me, by ensuring I can live the most comfortable, and best life possible. Please listen to your parents, they are a part of your life that you want to be there. If you cut off a good relationship with your parents, you will loathe it for life, I promise. You need their support in your life. Please take their thoughts into consideration. And be there for when THEY need you, especially in these times.