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Dear This.7,

I know i shouldnt have feelings for someone else. I have a boyfriend. But, since the day he “look” at other women in front of me, i just lost my words. Im speechless. I lose my respect towards him. I know he loves me so much. But, it really hurts me. Since that day, i wanna pay him a revenge. i think thats why i keep developing my feelings for you. Even if it just a “dream” for me.. bcs you are definitely knows nothing about me. & you’re even dont know about my presence 😂 i am aware of that. But its okay.. i know im not a good person or a good girlfriend, i’ve told my boyfriend that i really like you & he was just like, “nahh its okay. Nothing to worry cuz it’s impossible for him to notice you...” man, it’s hurting to know the truth 😂 but, whatever. One day, if you have met your soulmate, please treat her right :) dont look at other “women” just for fun. Stay safe!