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Dear This.7,

Is that true we cant be with someone who is from a Royal family? How impossible is that? Maybe i have to stop dreaming. People keep saying that i am insane. Yeah i guess it is true. Why do i keep having feelings for someone that is impossible for me to be with? Someone who is too far & high for me to reach. I know i dont know you so well. But it just happen & i dont remember since when. I know who i am. But issit wrong to have a dream? I used to have weird dreams about you & your family. Felt so happy that they know me so well in that dreams. We were so closed. Well, i dont know.. better in dreams, than never.. felt so stupid bcs i used to chase your car during my trip at your hometown, Kuantan but still never have a chance to meet you in person. I know, sounds like a “stalker” or something.. but trust me, i will never have a guts to watch you or talk to you in person if you are really in front of me. Probably i will just ignore you... 😂 & you actually used to come to my campus. But still i dont have the chance to meet you. I was too late... if only if there is a chance for me to get to know you in person.. even if i know the chances might be 0.0000001% & this is so random actually. My thoughts at 3.59AM. However, i wish you all the best in future dear, this.7. I know you will lead this country better just like your father is doing now. He is such a wise King :) & I believe you will be just like him. Proud of you, future King ;)