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Dear zindagi

Dear life,

It's really tough now for me to live but I am a very patience person and I am waiting when you will tell me that we win.I hate you why you become so tough,but I think I love you bcz when I see homeless people I feel at least I have my mom dad home for i think until they throw me out with a word called marriage but still I am in better condition as compared to homeless,you know I had break up yeah my family didnt like him it's tough being ideal daughter you know but its alright I found a new love in books when I read book I feel I am still breathing I just dont want to attach my heart again with someone else I love being alone now I think.My phobia is increasing to yeah it came again now when a guy look at me I started having that same disgusting feeling idk why I hate man this much but I cant do anything about it I think until I was in love I must had closed my eyes for that phobia but it's coming back uff I really like talking to you but I have to study I almost gonna complete 13 hours study plan yeah it's a great feeling learning things dont worry mein ajj bhi tumse bhut pyaar kerti hun dear zindagi