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I don't want to commit suicide because I'm afraid of making it out alive and having to live with the damage done. I have felt suicidal from a young age, but living in an asian household my parents could never grasp this taboo subject. As a daughter, I know that I am not as loved and worthy like my younger male sibling just because they're more valued in our culture. I want to cut them off once I leave for college after 2 years, but I can't figure out myself yet.

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Re: death

Sometimes people underestimate girls/women in society and then act like there's nothing wrong with being a mysogynist , I just want to say that they don't matter if they don't value you , you're a gem and you don't need anyone's approval .

Sometimes it may get harder to go through but always remember that whatever this is it will pass and you will come out of it stronger and better and one day they'll regret underestimating you .Be strong and find yourself.