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Death is peace

yes my whole fuckin life sucks. I don't want to live anymore. I have no friends to talk to, my family members are toxic af. I'm dead from inside. I wish every fucking day for my death. Waiting for death....

I have friends who don't even talk to me just because Imma fucking introvert and they aren't. They are all bloody fake.I had a guy in my life but he made my life hell. He didn't let any guy talk to me but he allowed other girls to flirt with him. He used to be busy with his stupid games all day . He used to blame me for anything that happened bw us. He used to go and tell his friends about our relationship prblms (this shit is personal) but still he did tell hus friends everytime. He said he loved me but he used to make me feel so unwanted everytime . I am an introvert and I'm not good at expressing feelings but i have loved him the most and sadly i still do but now I don't want him back. Situation got so bad that whenever i used to get a message from him, i would have panic attacks. I'm depressed as hell but he neber cared. Just telling you guys he did love me but it was just love and nothing else. I lost my self-respect for him,i have had lost friends because of him, i stopped talking because of him. I feel miserable af. Please if you ever get into any relationship then just don't i repeat don't just fall for the way he/she loves you. A relationship needs much more than just love.well in the end just wanted to write my name because i really dgaf now,people have talked so much about me that now I'm done I'm fucking done.

~neha(yes Indian, now you guys will talk about my bad english but idgaf)

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Re: Death is peace

I’m Native American. They call me an Indian oddly. Death is not peace. It’s giving up.

My life slowly got better after teen yrs. by 30 It was amazing. So awesome in 40’s. At your age I could never have guessed it. Glad I hung on. Found my true love. Had wonderful children. Met fun people. Did cool stuff.

it must be tough living your lyfe..... i read your title and this really made me feel the same too been with tough people in my lyfe.... try to attempt many times , but failed... i dont have supportive parents neither a family.... my close friend died of suicide and that kind of friend is rare cause she understands the helll ive been through.. beenn lying that im okay even if im not ...... didnt have the motivation to go to school did a job but idk i want to call home. ... been asking why i live if my parents just abandon me.?.

just hang on maybe someday it will be fine.