Deep down I'm dying

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So well as you can expect I'm writing this with turmoil and my grammar may not even be right. Im 20 turning 21 later this year and I think I'm depressed I don't know really but I find myself having a variety of mood swings during each day, so I grew up your typical good girl who studied a lot, participated in sports and had good grades in school so one time when o was in Grade 4 my mom became sick , she could not walk and all of that so one of my guy best friends made fun of me in front of our class mate and told them that uh my mom was crippled I remember everyone laughed at me that day, so one day my mom asked me to get her some kind of poison I did that though I was never really dumb so I knew exactly what it was for so my mom tried to kill herself in front of me 😔 fast forward I failed my grade 4 and just no longer was the top student in class.

I've never been close with my dad well all I know is his alive and is living in a surbub with his other three kids and wife ****I'm the first child**** so I tried to be strong and get back on my feet and pass at school then finally I got to high school at that moment I was living with my abusive aunt and my sister... Ohkay before I go further my sister practically raised me but she had her abusive moments I never knew my mom until I was 9 so I grew up thinking my sister was my mom I never knew my dad until I was 11.... My mom got sick round 2010/2011

To be continued