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Deep Thinking In The Dark

I have this thing that I love to do almost every night. I sit outside either on the porch or the swing very late. I love when everything is quite. I look up to the stars and just think. I think about different things. Sometimes I just cry secretly about something that might have happened that day, sometimes I think about something that made me happy, just a lot of things. I think about it while looking at the stars and pondering the possibilities up there. I'm sure s lot of you guys do this too.

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Re: Deep Thinking In The Dark

I started doing that as a boy. I grew up to build things for space.

I used to hunt in the dark. I remember being 8 & deep in the woods. Something started hunting me. Well; I won.

Back to space. Want to hear a true crazy thing. As a boy I once lived by a base. One night about 20 of us stared at an oval craft. It was amazing. It defied physics. I never told anyone. Thought it was secret craft off base. Now the gov released those videos. That Tic Tac thing. I’ve touched one & looked inside whatever the hell it is. I know life is out there. But is it visiting us?