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Deep thoughts...

July 8th; 5:07am

Lord I am sitting here awake in the middle of the night wishing things were back to normal

I hate this pandemic, the protest, the rioting, I feel trapped knowing that everyone thinks that the left is going to fix everything but in reality no one seems to notice nor care that they are the ones that caused this divide between us the American people. they are trying to demonize the black population by making them look really bad. They think that by taking down statues of history is going to get rid of racism and it is going to fix things but its not instead it’s just going to create more hate and division between us and that’s what they want.

Everyone has this illusion that they are woke but in reality, they are just blind to the true agenda and they are still dreaming away.

I also feel terrible for what happen to that young Latina soldier in a way I agree the US army failed to protect her and the military needs some serious reform. That young girl may she Rest In Peace and may she get justice along with others who have been wronged by the military and soldiers. All these emotions and apathy is making my body go haywire and to be honest it’s scaring me. Black lives matter is a true statement as is all lives matter as well as Latino lives matter, Asian lives matter, white lives matter etc. Black lives matter the statement is something I can get behind but the movement itself poses a danger to America they want to change America for the worse and they don’t care who they hurt even if it’s one of their own. Like I said before, people think that they are woke and support this movement are just under an illusion and they are still dreaming away because they are blind to their true agenda which is to make this country communist by professing their Marxist ideals and brainwashing others along with their own to think like them.

Lord please help me get better I feel that the more I get my thoughts out it helps somewhat but the jitters and the numbness, and the twitches still remain little by little I need to let this off my chest so that I can also live my life for the better.