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So I’m currently on deployment. It’s our first deployment together. She’s in college. My girlfriend and I have been together for 4 and half years and it’s been promising up until a couple months ago. I’ve been gone for over 6 months at this point. She began to get distant from me and it just proceeded to get worse. Eventually she broke up with me, saying she needs to work on her mental health because she’s super depressed and overworked. She mentioned suicide a couple times. I left her alone for a couple days and then sat down with her on a FaceTime call. I told her to let everything out that’s really happening no matter if it hurts me or not. She began to talk about how busy she is with school, track, dance and work and how she feels like she isn’t fulfilling her half of the relationship. I asked her about how faithful to me she’s been and she says she hasn’t done anything with anyone else but she has feelings for another guy but isn’t sure what those feelings are. I know she loves me but I’ve been gone for so long and I’m not there to hold her and give her affection. Im hoping it’s just a little “crush” because she was so used to be loved 24/7 and now I’ve been gone for awhile. Moving on from her can’t start until I get home because that’s when the reality of losing her would set in. My goal is to work through it with her. What are your guys’ insight on this and what would you tell her to try and have her wait a little longer to see what she wants instead of making an impulse decision and throwing away everything we built.