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Hey there hope all of u are fine.

Just wanna say i,m facing such a time right now i have so much to say but no one to talk it out with.

I mean keeping it with me is just killing me more from inside nd i wanna spit it out so bad.

Just wanna say that these family problems + adulthood + loneliness is just something uncontrollable.

Since childhood i always saw family problems because none of my parents were there for me when i needed them.

Worked and studied for a while till i gave up like straight lowkey gave up.

Been working since then nd work life is good but still something is missing i just don't know what.

It's been time since i was legit happy.

I just wanna be happy in life.

Need someone to talk to.

But i don't think i,ll ever get that.

I,ll just probably die by then.