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My therapist told me I have a SEVERE adjustment disorder. I don’t really understand what it means however. All the time, I feel like I don’t want to exist and should have never been put on this planet. I ask my parents all the time why they had me, I am not supposed to be here. I’m not sure where the adjustment order falls into place with all of this, if there is anyone out there that I can talk to more about this type of stuff, that would be awesome. Thanks for reading.

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Re: Depressed

Also you don’t have to belong anywhere or have a purpose. You can just be. And the best way to describe just being. Try effortlessly floating around in water. Also watch the movie life of Pi. And finding a love or passion in something would do you good animals, anime, manga, comics, art, sports, acting/ performing, or creating finding a self purpose of making your own self happy, while doing something.

Okay 1.) watch Avatar last Air Bender, 2:) listen to Uncle Iroh quotes and what every wise old men says Thats obviously wise. Like I kinda get what your saying but also “there’s no point in worrying about what you can’t control” and the question what’s the meaning of life... it has so many answers to them but I like the “ it’s what you make of it and that it’s an adventure”