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Depressed teenager

Hi!! I'm a 22 yr old girl and I'll be having exams next month and I think this will be my last chance but I'm still not confident enough to be able to crack it.my friends are having jobs or doing something good with there lived.but here I'm stuck in something from last 3 years and still not sure.i don't have many friends in touch.sometimes I didn't find anyone to talk.i feel lonely.i feel shitty.i don't know whether I will be able to do something with my life.i wants to earn money ,fullfil my dreams.i hope some day I'll write about my success and not loneliness..😊

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Re: Depressed teenager

You know I'm in a similar spot. After finishing school a lot of my friend went of to get successful careers. I'm just here. I was laid off from the trash job that I did have because of covid, and honestly I feel like such a failure.

Don't worry! I'm sure you and I will get through this!