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i just want to die, im only a teen but i've messed every friendship i have up because of my depression and anxiety.

people ignore me and what i say because they don't understand me, im an empath. every time they ignore me, theyre unaware of how much that affects me and no one would care if i died and they wouldnt find out anyways. my friends have reduced to none who actually care and will ask how im doing. no one cares about you unless youre pretty or dying. i hate living. maybe death will be better.

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Re: depressed/suicidal

You care too much about what other people think. Why don't you spend time on yourself to understand yourself better rather than spending useless time worrying about what others think. I am someone who is depressed day in day out and like you I have no real friends. But I am living an amazing life by myself cause I don't care about what other people think. I don't give others the choice to ignore me or reject me rather it's the other way around. I keep 2-3 friends at a time and replace them with 2-3 more people once I am bored. The reason for my depression is because I am ambivert, yours can be different. But understanding my personality better and using the good things from my personality I am able to control the power others opinions have over me. Dying is not the solution to anything. Rather create yourself a life that you want. Get rid of anything that you find toxic be it people or things. You are young yet so would not have that much freedom but you can start working for building the life that you want in future right now. If you want to believe in something, believe in tomorrow. Live day by day in the hope of a better tomorrow. Everyday you sleep, sleep believing that today was just a bad day, tomorrow would definitely be better and someday you'll really find that happy tomorrow for yourself

How are you?

Sometimes we need fantasy to escape reality.

So lost soul we are same from inside.

Please don't over it so soon imagine the colourful future.

Get away by yourself from this people.

Build your own environment when you grow up and get away. It isn't running away it's just finding peace like they do by ignoring.

I care even for the already dead souls.

The one who gave you birth cares...

I care since i am writing this instead of sleeping i hope you read.

Because i care...