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I had so many good friends and they're so nice to me but recently we don't talk much and I feel very alone and I need someone to talk to! sometimes I feel like I did something wrong but other times I feel like they're busy I honestly I hope they're O.K and that they busy with whatever they're doing

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Re: Depression

At the moment, I'm going through a very similar feeling. Due to this pandemic, I've lost communication with some people that I thought would be texting me occasionally. Being alone causes my mind to be loud, and it becomes full of negative thoughts similar to yours. I hope that you know that if you truly know you did nothing wrong, then you should believe yourself. Sooner or later the truth will be revealed. Sometimes no one is at fault, and the relationships you have with people are just going to have to drift away, even if it hurts. I hope you find some happiness during this time :)