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Ive been depressed since 13. I always think im a failure, a disappointment and i still do think i am. Its hard to tell anyone that im depressed. What if they think i just want attention. My friends are also not helping, they just tease me whenever i make a simple mistake on accident or say something wrong on accident. My math teacher is also not helping, she just calls me out or targets me. When i get a question right she just ignores it even if everyone gets it wrong except me. But if i get somethintb wrong she just yells at me, makes fun of me, embarrasses me infront of class. As an introvert i dont like that feeling of everyone looking at me. Id rather die than have to experience that. I was suicidal at 13, but then found out suicide will only lead to hell. I just want to have a quiet, peaceful and successful life. I even give hints that im depressed. I wish my friends would tease me less, they dont see me tease them at all. I dont even show emotions when i get teased, my face doesnt show emotions at all! Sometimes my emotions will go put of control and just go full rage or just cry. I even beat someone up with a 1 meter ruler bc he was bullying me for the whole year. That was the day before i moved out to a different school. I just wish people doesnt have high expectations from me. Im just a failure and if i fail. Im just a disappointment to them. Its not my fault they have high expectations from me, thats theirs. This is the end of my article. I just hope my friends would notice and be stop teasing me.....

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Re: Depression

I feel you. My dad constantly making me feel like i'm a disappointment too. I don't know if he realized it, i think he didn't, because he always thought that i am overly sensitive. He really didn't know what impact his words have on me. At this point i don't know if i'm depressed or what i just don't feel good about myself. I'd give you lots of a hugs if i can. Good luck my friend.