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Depression and anxiety

I’m a well educated individual who has struggled with depression for quite some time. Since being furloughed I can feel myself sinking lower and lower into an area that scares me. I’m drinking way too much and not looking after myself physically. At 55 years old, at least 2 stone overweight and with a history of High blood pressure I can fear I may go downhill quite quickly. I reach out to people on social media but nobody really asks how I really am. Probably because I don’t have any friends to speak of. I live 300 miles away from siblings and only have my wife and two kids here. They all have their own day to day problems and I help as much as I can...., but yet.... nobody turns to me and asks me how I am. Father’s Day came and apart from a happy Father’s Day from the kids (18 and 21) nothing else. No card,, presents, jobs or stuff done for me even though I bend over backwards to help them (kids) so feeling pretty low right now..... have thought about suicide but realise that thing EILL get better and it’s just a matter of time. Just feel incredibly down right now and of course we all know that as a man your just expected to man up...... perhaps it’s just not on me to do that?