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My whole life I’ve been depressed, anxious and angry. I was molested by my uncle at a young age, then my brother, then some guy who used to live a few houses away from me attempted to do just that as well. I could have then died in a car crash but somehow survived. The PTSD, anxiety, anger and depression that I got from these events caused me to make horrible decisions in my life not so much so that I’m a horrible person and did horrible things but in a sense that I’m a failure in life and worthless. I have nothing to show for myself. I thought those feelings of worthlessness and failure would go away if I worked some things out in therapy but now I realize I’m angrier. Angry at the time I wasted not taking care of my mental health, so that I can make something of myself. Now I’m 29 years old and I feel like nothing. I can go today and no one will miss me. I contribute nothing of value to myself and this world or the people around me. I’m still angry and have no idea what to do with my life. Jobless, loveless, valueless so why be here.