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depression or just overreacting?

I’d consider myself a good bit privileged as I’m actually writing this while on vacation at the moment, but even though it seems like I have everything that I want I still feel almost empty, I wouldn’t really say that I’m sad, it’s just I can’t really be happy either. I realize myself that I’m trying to go through life without any consequences but I’ve learned that, that isn’t going to help with my so called “emptiness” and could most likely be a leading factor of it. I would try and actually change that mindset but I just don’t have the motivation to and it’s honestly hard enough to even have enough motivation to get through day to day objectives. I would go and get some sort of medical help and maybe even some sort of diagnosis if I were to somehow have depression, but I don’t really feel comfortable with telling my parents mostly because I’m scared of how they would react and if they were to believe it was their fault or for them to worry about me. At this point the only reason I’m still going is because I don’t want my parents to be disappointed or be sad.