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Detailed version of Advice please :)

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Here is the more detailed version of Advice Please. Also thanks for replying :))

Basically I want to move in with my mom but my dad won’t let me. I don’t wanna live with my bad because my life living with him is like living the same day over and over again and all I do is sleep. I know that this year is really hard for everyone and all but it was like that even before covid. And my mom doesn’t have a house but we are at my aunts. Because we left my dads house and the things he said to me was pretty messed up so I don’t wanna talk to him. And I feel bad because I’m like leaving my siblings. But anyway.. 

 I don’t really know why he doesn’t seem to wanna talk to me. After being best friends we started to drift away but recently a mutual friend between us told him that I had family problems. And we briefly talked about it and I tried talking to him after that but he was being dry so i don’t know what to do.

Also what was up with that last reply on the other one Lmao

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