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Diamonds are unbreakable, we are taught. 

We use them in things that are less simple than not. 

A diamond could cut you if sharp.

So could a knife. 

So could a razor. 

So could I

They are found in our jewelry. 

Pretty things made to shine. 

But when will we realize those who shine only lie to appeal to the eye. 

I could flash a dazzling smile like the gem. 

However that night when I cut I am only a pretend. 

They are costly and special. 

They are pristine and everyone's wish. 

Yet a diamond can’t fathom the things you want. 

A diamond can not grasp the feeling you need.

It will make you bleed, and bleed, and bleed. 


And even then when the blood trickles down your wrists and thighs. 

The diamonds in your ears and on your hands won’t console the pain that’s forever there. 

The diamond is unbreakable correct?

It may be, yet something pretty should not amount to being better. 

Because you could wear the shining gem and silently die.

It is a game of who can win, and the diamond will never fend. 

-I'm so tired.