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Dick love

I love his dick soooo much

/ The person who carries the dick makes it even better

It's not huge its not small it fits well its good looking it tasts good mmm

I won't lie sometimes i take careof him and treat him good because I KNOW he gan make love to me real good mmm

That dick game _ that combination foreplay teasin me eatin me fingering me and fucking me oooooh i cant wait till friday oooh my pussy cant wait any longer!

Tomorrow i think Im going to buy him a gift and massage him lol

I figured out the secret heheheh now we fight less and fuck more and love more πŸ˜ˆπŸ’–

Thank YOU baby

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Re: Dick love

Well fights is normal

If a man dont piss you off is he realy yo man?

Idk, look we all gat needs but you gon sit around you might lose him like you okay with imaginin ANOTHER bitch on YO dick? He probly tired a runnin after yo ass all the time after you fight!

Fuck it we all gon die anyway hoe just call him!!!


Peace & love

Tasha xo

Lol you gots a lot to learn

Look, i had to figure this shit outbut its pretty basic human empathy and respec

More you apreciate him and grateful for what you got, more you love him no matter what, more you gon see magic like you ain never seen in yo life! On some video game shit like a bish done unlock a new level and shiiiii haaaaaa lol

Make him happy, make yourself happy

Be his peace, and you'll see

Peace & love πŸ’–

Is your secret appreciation?

I keep hearing THAT but like.?.....

Why do men need alla that? Thought they were simple give em pussy and food

I got way too much pride to holler but shiii i kniw i want it!

He piss me off thats all, we fight last time so idk.......

I wanna say fuck him but i also want.to FUCK HIM πŸ˜…

Help me lawd