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did i do anything wrong?

a few months ago i was talking to a girl. i was 16 at the time about to be 17 and she was 15. we would talk and call each other names like "babe" and what not. eventually we started getting a bit sexual but then i felt really bad after. she asked to be my girlfriend afterwards but i declined. i keep telling myself im an awful person for this, even though im not sure if i did anything wrong. im not sure why i did it, maybe i was bored? anyways, it keeps eating me up inside and i just feel like im an awful person for this.

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Re: did i do anything wrong?

Im gonna assume this all took place on line and NOT... in eachother's presense?...Yeah, when sharing back & forth by text, theres a MUCH different "connection / dynamic" taking place than in person.. No body launguage to react to, OR, intuiatively "read" into. OR the ever "telling /revealing " EYE contact...You have NO inhabitions on line and can easily get caught up in your"OWN" imagination, and BOLDLY GO (where no man has gone before..oh NO.. boomer alert..LOL). Pushing the envelope a bit.

Trouble is dude, from hangin HERE, quite while now, the girls, I would say a WHOPPING 10 to1 ratio, over emotionalize gestures online when forming a connection w/ a guy, even as friends Im seeing, start "projecting" you being there for them the next day/ week all this is taking place UN be-known to you so???Now, lookin at the facts, being that it takes TWO to tangowango, so this was totally mutual banter occuring and as it heated up, Im sure her "projecting' was "heating up" as well...With that ratio I just gave, this is pretty common place. You listing your "accurate" ages tells me some of your guilt comes from her being only 15?...HA! have ya been on here long?..LOL. alotta girls 15, I reply to are 15 goin on 25... 13 yr olds make me blush..LOL..Yeah, its unfortunate for sure BUT, your not at fault IMO. Be best to leave her be. I know that too sounds cold BUT...you'll be doing the right thing, where her heart is concerned.. She'll move on....