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Did I have Covid?

I can’t afford to goto hospital. I have terrible disease. If I get Covid with nearly no immunity I should die.

Well my roommates got sick. I had been out in a cold rain & couldn’t get dry.

I stayed cold for several nights. Thought I had mild pneumonia.

Thing is my roommates are all healthy. They got real sick before me. I got mildly sick from outside wet cold weather. One of them was hospitalized. They lost sense of smell & taste. They got tested & had it. I got pretty sick for 3-4 days. Isolated for 2 wks. But I bounced back real fast. Never had a fever. My blood oxygen drop from 98% to 96%.

I took the test. Weeks later it said I tested positive. But by then I was as well as I ever am.

It’s funny. After a couple days I was myself again. A month later they are all still dragging around. Can’t smell. Can’t taste. Very weak.

Granted I have issues. But they’re the exact same issues I always have.

I think I got a false positive test. All of their oxygen numbers dropped a lot. I even tested with 3 different sensors. Mine barely dropped. Im not even sure they did drop; since it’s common for mine to fluctuate between 96 & 98.

It just seems odd. I’m the only person with severe health issues in house. Yet I barely got affected. Every one else got slammed. Makes no sense.